Vacancies – forward planning

Due to some movement across the band over the coming few months we can forsee the following vacancies occuring.
If you are a player of grade 6 or above get in touch to apply for any of the following positions.

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SOLO HORN * PERCUSSION * FLUGEL … Continue reading

CD Recording has begun!

We have begun recording the tracks for our brand new album due out in time for Christmas. So far we have recorded
The Lonely Mill by Handel Lancaster – despite its dreary name it is a very dramatic piece of music
Indian Summer by Eric Ball – All … Continue reading

We need your support!

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Whether you contribute by playing, donating, sponsoring or listening, thank you.

Canford School Regatta 2016

This gallery contains 8 photos.

The weather held out for the Canford School Regatta. A great way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon. Fun races (including some crashes!), tea and cake, and some good music. We also welcome Martin back to the fold as our conductor. Which means we are now fortunate enough to have … Continue reading

Welcome new players!

We always welcome new players of Brass or Percussion instruments, and we have gained 3 more players over the last 3 months. Jane has returned to the band and is now playing on Eb Bass, as well as two brand new players.

Do you play Brass or Percussion? If you … Continue reading