Launching an RNLI Lifeboat 23rd June 2018

The D-804 lifeboat named the “Gladys Maud Burton” left Poole Lifeboat station at just after 11:30am following a service led by Reverend Lucy Holt. At the same time the new floating Boathouse was officially opened, and Poole Borough Band were there to celebrate the occasion.  We played tunes to entertain the crowd and the hymns for the service, and we all watched the demonstration of the brand new life boat.

Poole Borough Band are always happy to support the RNLI. Besides being a locally led and worthy cause, they give us our rehearsal space, which we could not do without. Thank you RNLI! For more information about what they do visit Poole Life Boats website.

Gladys Maud Buton lived in Lilliput, and died at the age of 100 in 2010. Her husband was in the Merchant Navy during World War 2 and told Gladys his stories of what it was like to be at sea. Now the D class boat will be crewed by three volunteers and stored in the new boathouse, which is already on the water ready for a fast response.

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